Mass Grave Exposes Entrenched Trafficking in Thailand

Police in southern Thailand have found two more camps believed to have held human trafficking victims -- one containing a buried skeleton.

A Mother’s Cookbook Shares More Than Recipes

A family’s cooking history is seasoned with smudges, shorthand notations and challenging penmanship.

Public Editor's Journal: Perfectly Reasonable Question: Keeping Track of Congressional Votes

A reader wants to know how his senators are voting, and it turns out that The Times is already on it

For Top 25 Hedge Fund Managers, a Difficult 2014 Still Paid Well

Most hedge funds were poor performers in 2014; only half of the top 10 earners beat the S.&P.

Lauryn Hill Cancels Israel Show to Avoid Stirring Tensions

Lauryn Hill is canceling a planned performance in Tel Aviv because she wasn't able to also schedule a concert in the nearby Palestinian city of Ramallah.
The singer-songwriter said in a statement Mo

New York State to Adopt Uniform Bar Exam

The state’s chief judge said he expected the move to result in a “domino effect” with the remaining states, given New York’s prominence in the legal world.

Rescued by an Air Ambulance, but Stunned at the Sky-High Bill

Squeezed by competition and insurance cuts, air ambulance companies are increasingly pressing patients to make up sometimes sizable shortfalls.

Branching out: Isil opens a five-star hotel in Iraq

The Islamic State, infamous for its extremist militant tactics, apparently has added a new feather to its cap.

Young African Migrants, Enticed by Smugglers, End Up Mired in Libya

Unaccompanied children are among the most innocent victims of the trafficking machine that is sucking migrants into Libya’s maelstrom and out onto the Mediterranean.